Terms and conditions

These GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS govern the relationship between CARRETA Ltd., operating through the website www.carreta.app and the CARRETA Application, hereinafter referred to as the Site and the Application, on one hand, and the users of the Site and the Application, hereinafter referred to as Users, on the other.
CARRETA Ltd. is a company registered under the laws of the Republic of Bulgaria with Unified Identification Code (EIK) 207428297, with its registered office and management address in Sofia, Dianabad district, block 15, apartment 2.
Email address: support@carreta.app
The company’s website is www.carreta.app, including all its subpages. The current terms of use for the website contain information about the activities of www.carreta.app, regulating the relationship between us and each of our users. Please read the published General Terms and Conditions in full before using the website. By accessing the website, each user automatically agrees to comply with the conditions described below.
Please read the published General Terms and Conditions in full, as they govern the use and access to personalized services referred to as Services/Service of the CARRETA Application, and regulate the relationship between us and each of our users. After registering a user profile, you agree to these terms and are obligated to adhere to them.
Please submit your written questions regarding the Privacy Policy, these General Terms and Conditions, as well as any technical issues to the email address provided above for contact. This way, we can easily track the process of your service and your inquiries.
1.1. In order to use the Site and the Service, as well as to access the features of the CARRETA Application, you must:
– be over 18 years of age to have the authority to enter into a binding agreement with us and/or have permission in another way and the authority to lawfully enter into this agreement in the country where the Service is available to you;
– create an account and provide accurate information according to our Privacy Policy;
– in case you wish to use the paid version of the Application, use one of the payment methods specified by us, providing valid information.
2.1. On the Site, Users can obtain information about the services provided by CARRETA Ltd. The services include the option to use the CARRETA mobile application.
2.2. The company offers subscription plans that include various features when using the CARRETA Application, which can be found in the Pricing section.
2.3. Users of the Site can download the mobile application from the download links on Google Play and the Apple Store by selecting the respective button. After downloading the application, the User can use all the options of the Application for free, limited to entering 2 (two) vehicles.
2.4. In case the User wishes to continue using all the options of the CARRETA Application for more than 2 (two) vehicles, they can subscribe to a subscription plan. Details on the use of subscription plans are described in the Pricing section of the Site.
2.5. The services of the Site can be used without the need for user profile registration.
2.6. Through the contact form on the Site, Users can send inquiries to us in the message field. In order to establish contact with the User, they should provide names and a contact email address.
We offer various options for using our Service.
3.1. The Service provided to you will depend on the type of subscription plan for which you have registered.
3.2. The Service is accessible through the CARRETA Application and may only be used for your personal, non-commercial purposes.
3.3. Each user individually selects a subscription plan for using the service, which can be changed under specific conditions.
3.4. We reserve the right to modify the characteristics of subscription plans and to remove available plans, and you will be informed in advance. When changes are unfavorable to the User who has used the respective type of subscription plan, you will have the option to terminate the corresponding plan.
3.5. We may periodically update our application to ensure its security and improvements. For these reasons, the CARRETA Application may occasionally prompt you to update it to a newer version.
To meet the expectations of each User, we have ensured to create various options for using the Service.
4.1. You can familiarize yourself with the subscription plans in advance and then choose the most suitable for you from the following:
4.1.1. Free Subscription – provides full functionality of the CARRETA Application and is limited to entering 2 (two) vehicles.
4.1.2. Family Subscription – provides full functionality of the CARRETA Application and is limited to entering 6 (six) vehicles.
5.1. Prices are presented on the website www.carreta.app of CARRETA Ltd. and are additionally communicated when selecting a subscription plan.
5.2. The price includes the use of the software and personalized service. All prices include value-added tax (VAT), and the User sees the final price of the Service.
5.3. The price includes fees for payments made to us.
5.4. You can change the type of subscription plan at any time to another type. Such changes are made before the end of the current subscription period.
5.5. Your subscription to us will be automatically renewed at the end of the applicable subscription plan period unless you cancel it before the end of the current subscription period. Cancellation will take effect on the day after the last day of the current subscription period, and you will be downgraded to the free version of the Service.
5.5. In the event of a change in the prices of the CARRETA Service, you will be notified in advance of any price change with at least a 30-day notice. Price changes will take effect at the beginning of the next subscription period after the date of the price change. If you do not cancel your subscription, you automatically accept the new price.
5.6. The price for the selected subscription plan is paid in advance until the subscription is canceled. After payment and the start of the subscription, we do not provide the possibility of refunding amounts.
6.1. The Service and the Content are our exclusive property, protected by copyrights of our licensors. All trademarks, service marks, trade names, trade dress, domain names, patents, inventions, trade secrets, copyrights, database rights, and all other intellectual or industrial property rights (including know-how) regarding the Service or the Content are the property of us or our licensors.
6.2. By using our service, we do not transfer to you any rights (including intellectual property rights) or ownership rights regarding the Service or any part of it, and we do not transfer such rights or ownership regarding the Content or any part of it.
6.3. Intellectual property rights to all materials and resources located on the Site (including available databases) are subject to protection under the Copyright and Related Rights Act, owned by the Site or the respective entity that has transferred the right to use the Site and cannot be used in violation of the applicable law.
6.4. When copying or reproducing information beyond what is permissible, as well as in any other violation of intellectual property rights over the resources of the Site, CARRETA Ltd. has the right to claim compensation for direct and indirect damages in full.
6.5. Unless expressly agreed otherwise, the User may not reproduce, modify, delete, publish, distribute, or otherwise disclose the information resources published on the Site.
6.6. The Site is obliged to take due care to provide the User with normal access to the provided functionalities and information resources.
6.7. The Site reserves the right to suspend access to the provided functionalities and information resources. The Site has the right, but not the obligation, at its discretion to delete information resources and materials published on its site.
7.1. The Site reserves the right to add, modify, or remove services without prior notice.
7.2. These General Terms and Conditions may be changed in connection with the change in the nature of the respective Service.
7.3. When the User does not agree with the changes to the general terms and conditions, the User has the right to terminate the contract without stating a reason and without owing compensation or penalty. To exercise this right, the User must notify the Site within one month from receiving the notice.
7.4. In case the User does not exercise the right to terminate the contract in the manner provided in these general terms and conditions, it is considered that the change has been accepted by the User without objection.
8.1. All matters not regulated by these General Terms and Conditions shall be governed by the provisions of the applicable legislation of the Republic of Bulgaria.
8.2. The parties agree that if any provision of these General Terms and Conditions is found to be invalid, this shall not invalidate other clauses or parts of the General Terms and Conditions. The invalid provision will be replaced by the mandatory provisions of the law or the actual intent of the parties.
8.3. All disputes between the parties shall be resolved in a spirit of understanding and good faith. In case an agreement is not reached, all unresolved disputes related to the Site and/or the Application, including disputes arising or related to interpretation, invalidity, performance, or termination, as well as disputes to fill gaps in the General Terms and Conditions or adapt them to newly arisen circumstances, shall be resolved by the competent court under the current Bulgarian legislation.
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